Non-Ferrous Casting

Our reputation for excellence extends beyond the products we create for our valued customers. In the extensive list below, you’ll find just a few of our advanced capabilities, all of which we have created for clients in a wide range of industries.


Manufacturers in the industrial machinery sector design and assemble a wide variety of products. We supply non-ferrous industrial components and tools, for industrial applications.


We are also pressure-gauge manufacturers that supply non-ferrous castings for various sensors.


Motors are essential for multiple industries such as Electrical, Automotive, and more. Our aim is to fulfill their requirements and deliver quality non-ferrous product and services.


Electrical Industry needs castings that displays strength, conductivity, malleability and resistance to corrosion. We cater to them with quality non-ferrous products.


Pump industry contributes significantly to any country’s growth. We supply quality non-ferrous castings globally aiding the progress of industries

Locks & Safe

We provide security and lock component solutions for major OEMs serving the industrial, commercial, municipal, and consumer markets. Our non-ferrous castings are popular for door hardware and locking mechanisms across verticals.


Pipes are used in energy, construction, & many civil infrastructure applications. Industrial pipe are manufactured with non-ferrous castings for the transport of wide variety of solids and fluids.


We are a global supplier of nonferrous castings across the packaging industry. We specialise in producing castings of zinc, aluminum, and bronze alloys. Our mission is to help the packaging industry solve its product development needs.

Pressure Vessels

Non-ferrous metals are resistant to corrosion. We supply several parts used in pressure vessels like the valves and valve wheels.

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